Enhance API Updates

EnhanceAPI version v3

As part of API version v3, the following functionality is now available:

  1. Fetch more than 1 result for an enhance query with &size=n query parameter:
  2. Specify the threshold score with &threshold=d query parameter: https://kg.diffbot.com/kg/v3/enhance_endpoint?token=DIFFBOT-TOKEN&type=organization&name=DummyName&url=www.ibm.com&threshold=0.1&size=3
  3. Head top-n bulkjob records for preview with &head=n query parameter: https://kg.diffbot.com/kg/v3/enhance_endpoint/bulk/BULKJOB-ID?token=DIFFBOT-TOKEN&head=10
  4. Bulkjob response format changed to jsonl from json (Content-Type: application/json-lines). Each enhanced record is on a separate line in the response. This, coupled with the head parameter enables clients to scale up more fluidly for large bulkjobs.

The API spec is available at docs.diffbot.com

Bulkjob retention

Bulkjob retention period has been increased from 7 days to 30 days.

Deprecation of API versions v1 and v2

API versions v1 and v2 are now deprecated and will be removed in future versions of the product. Please plan to migrate.