Updates to Enhance Bulk Job Coverage Reports

Enhance will now generate Coverage Reports in the background rather than during the execution of the bulkjob to speed up completion of bulkjobs. Previously, users could download the report immediately following completion of the bulkjob. Users should now poll the bulkjob status to ensure that the coverage report is generated. Status is available under content.reports[].status and should have the value of COMPLETE to indicate that the report is generated.


Updated Organization.summary

We have trained a new LLM model for the generation of Organization.summary. We can generate about ~5 million summaries per month using this new approach. We have prioritized private corporation entities to update first. These new summaries began appearing in the KG on July 7th. Please share your feedback and coverage requests with [email protected].



We've begun to populate open hours for local businesses in the Knowledge Graph. Try searching for hospitality companies in the United States with openHours


Job API Documentation Now Available

Job API docs:


Updates to Diffbot's Privacy Policy and Additional Terms

We've updated Diffbot's Privacy Policy.
Effective Date: April 10, 2023


Reversing 'types' List Order and Removing Unneeded 'types' designations

We pushed several breaking changes to Article data, Job Posts, Discussion Threads, and Product Offers in the KG.

Performance Enhancements & Service Layer Optimizations

In the month of March, we rolled to production two key service layer optimizations to the Diffbot Knowledge Graph architecture. Both radically reduce response time to queries and enrichment requests. The first is called the KG Engine, a look-up service that enables us to improve the performance and scalability of both Enhance and DQL and to update the graph between builds for Organization and Person data. The second is a new search indexing layer that aggregates all Articles in the KG that were crawled &/or published in the last six months which reduces response times when querying recent news.


NAICS Classifications Updates

The Diffbot Knowledge Graph now supports NAICS 2022 Classifications (labels and codes) in addition to NAICS 2017 Classifications. See NAICS docs for more details.


Optional Parameters: DiffbotAPI (Analyze & Article APIs)

The following is a list of arguments you can add to a Diffbot API call in order to reduce processing time when calling the Article or Analyze APIs:


Stock Price News Category

We added support for the Stock Price News Category in the Natural Language API.