KG Entity Identifiers - Updated

We've rolled out an update to the Knowledge Graph. Entity identifiers are now preceded by an ‘E’ for each entity regardless of the entity type. Previously, Diffbot Ids were preceded by a letter representing the entity type, i.e. ‘P’ for Person, ‘O’ for Organization, ‘C’ for Corporation, etc. The new format enables us to extend and scale the Diffbot Knowledge Graph to a wider and richer spectrum of entity types over time. Please note: all KG queries will continue to work as before. You do not need to modify the way you search the graph. Below is an example of the new entity id format you will see in results:

Example: IBM
"type": "Corporation", "Organization"
"diffbotUri": ""
"id": "EPdsrDmLiMQCskvBLp_dloQ"

Example: IBM Board Member & CEO, Virginia 'Ginni' Rometty
"type": "Person"
"diffbotUri": "",
"id": "EFCXA8DGjPMq5oTjl9RESEw"