September 2020

Industries/Category Updates

We've improved mapping to NAICS (93% industries covered) classifications for Org entities and updated our industries categories structure and label set.

Main updates (267 industries):

Added Retailers as main industry sector (+30 sub-industries)
Grouped the new industries categories list by major industry groups
Differentiated some specific cases.

E.g.: Furniture Companies --> (1) Furniture Manufacturers, (2) Furniture Retailers

     Jewelry Companies -->   (1) Jewelry Manufacturers, (2) Jewelry Retailers

     Toy Companies  -->   (1) Toy Manufacturers, (2) Toy And Video Game Retailers

     Vehicle Parts -->   (1) Vehicle Parts Manufacturers, (2) Automotive Part Retailers

     Motor Vehicle Manufacturers -->   (1) Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, (2) Vehicle Retailers And Dealership
    Sporting Goods Manufacturers -->   (1) Sporting Goods Manufacturers, (2) Sporting Goods Retailers