Get Account Details

Returns account plan, usage, child tokens, and other account details.


The Account API returns account details in JSON format. Items returned will include the following:

nameName associated with the token.
emailEmail address associated with the token.
planCurrent plan for the token.
planCreditsAmount of monthly calls included.
statusStatus of the token.
childTokensList of child or sub-tokens, if there are any associated with your account.
usageAn array of days and call volume amounts for each day. By default this will return data from the most recent 31 days. Use the days argument to adjust the response window. Dates prior to token becoming active will not be returned.
dateDate, e.g. 2019-12-01.
nlpTotal number of Natural Language API calls made.
creditsTotal number of credits consumed.
extractionsTotal number of Extraction API calls made.
proxiesTotal number of calls made using proxy servers. Read more.
entitiesTotal number of entities downloaded from the Diffbot Knowledge Graph.
refreshTotal number of entity refreshes requested.
facetsTotal number of facet values returned.
videosTotal number of videos downloaded.
subtitlesTotal number of subtitles requested.
invoicesArray of invoices for paid accounts.
dateDate of invoice.
periodStartBilling period start date (resolved to day).
periodEndBilling period end date (resolved to day).
totalCreditsTotal credits used during the billing period.
totalAmountTotal amount charged.
overageAmountTotal overage amount billed if call volume exceeded included number of monthly calls.
statusPayment status of invoice (paid or unpaid).
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