Added 'technographics' as an attribute of Organizations (Alpha)

We are slowly rolling out support for 'technographics' as an attribute of Organizations. Ultimately, there will be many sources of this data and coverage across all Organizations in the graph. To start, more than 8.5Mil companies include some level of technographic data. Below is an example of how the technology is represented in the default JSON output (excerpted from the IBM entity).


Improved accuracy of estimated employee counts for publicly-traded, US companies

We recently improved the accuracy of the estimate populating the 'nbEmployees' attribute for publicly-traded US organizations in the Knowledge Graph by expanding analysis of data from reports. 70%+ of the SEC-10k documents now include nbEmployees for each reporting period.


Added "customers" as an attribute of Organizations

We recently added sources to the Knowledge Graph that provide insights into 'service provider <> customer' relationships. The 'customer' attribute is populated for over 50k companies. Here is an example of a customer of IBM's represented in JSON:


Search for lookalike companies using a similarity_score threshold

We've added the ability to search for lookalike companies with a similarity_score threshold. Give it a try:
type:Organization similarTo(type:Organization name:"Walmart" similarity_score>0.6)


List API - NEW!

Today we've added The List API to the Diffbot API suite of extraction APIs. The List API automatically extracts data from any single web page that contains a primary list of items, such as news index pages, product listings pages, and search engine results pages. It is also embedded under the Diffbot Analyze API which will now attempt to identify and extract pages that match the criteria for a List page. Please refer to the List API documentation for more information.


similarTo 'id1 and ID2'

We've added the ability to query on look-alikes using two or more Diffbot Org IDs as inputs.


Estimated revenue for Private Organizations

We have introduced a new model to predict revenue for private companies. Almost every company in the KG (over 243M) now has revenue either extracted from the web or estimated with this model.


Try 'similarTo' Searches

Use the Knowledge Graph to find look-alikes:


KG Search Enhancements: Article 'constrain by site'

Try constraining to 'site' to match Articles in the KG:


KG Search Enhancement: Jobs

You may now search job postings in the KG: type:Job site:"".