Industries to Categories Migration Guide

We are adding over 550 new industries and fine-tuning existing industries to make querying companies more useful. You can access these new industries with categories field.

The legacy industries taxonomy will be deprecated on Friday, August 30, 2024.

This revamp requires updating of application DQL queries and schemas to account for breaking changes. Follow the steps below to fully migrate your application to categories.

Migrate DQL Queries

Update all DQL queries using the industries or diffbotClassification field to use the categories field instead.


  • type:Organization industries:"Software Companies" or
  • type:Organization diffbotClassification:"Software Companies"


  • type:Organization categories:"Software Companies"

Migrate JSON Schema

Applications that currently use the industries field and expects a list of strings need to be updated to accept a list of dictionaries/objects.


    "industries": [
        "Software Companies"


    "diffbotClassification": [
            "level": 1,
            "isPrimary": true,
            "name": "Software Companies"


    "categories": [
            "types": [
            "level": 2,
            "isPrimary": true,
            "name": "Software Companies",
            "diffbotUri": "",
            "targetDiffbotId": "EIQlGD6L7P-OqerHtqaFBcw",
            "type": "OrganizationCategory"

Migrate Industry Names to Category Names

Applications using querying specific industry names with DQL or expecting specific industry names with Enhance will need to be updated.

The following table outlines all removed, specialized, and renamed industries and their categories equivalent if applicable.

Type of ChangeOld NameNew Name
removedIndustrial Design Firms--
removed (generalized on parent Waste Management and Recycling Organizations)Waste Organizations--
removed intermediate nodeEntertainment Companies--
removed intermediate nodeMiscellaneous Manufacturers--
removed intermediate nodeRecreation Services--
removed and specializedBusiness Software Companiesmultiple categories
removed and specializedCloud Computing Providersmultiple categories
removed and specializedData Providersmultiple categories
removed and specializedEnterprise Software Companiesmultiple categories
removed and specialized (see Basic Materials)Building Materials Companiesmultiple categories
removed and specializedEvent Management CompaniesEvent Management Services
Event Management Software
removed and specializedInternet Of Things CompaniesSmart Devices Manufacturers
IoT Management Platforms
removed and specializedVideo Messaging CompaniesVideo Communications Software
Video Conferencing Software
renamed and changed scopeBuilding Materials RetailersConstruction Supplies Retailers
renamed and changed scopeComputer Storage CompaniesStorage Devices Manufacturers
Cloud File Storage Software
renamed and changed scopeCultural ServicesCultural Centers
renamed and changed scopeFitness And Sports CentersFitness Centers
renamed and changed scopeHome Appliance ManufacturersAppliance Manufacturers
renamed and changed scopeMachine ManufacturersIndustrial Machinery Manufacturers
renamed and changed scopeMetal CompaniesMining Companies
renamed and changed scopeMetal Mining CompaniesMining Companies
renamed and changed scopeNetworking CompaniesNetworking Hardware Manufacturers
renamed and changed scopeOnline Learning CompaniesEducation Platforms
renamed and changed scopeRecruiting And Employment AgenciesEmployment Services
renamed and changed scopeRecyclable Material CompaniesRecycling Organizations
renamed and changed scopeResearch Institutes And LabsResearch Institutes
renamed and changed scopeSoap And Cosmetics CompaniesBeauty Care Companies
renamed and changed scopeSoftware Consulting FirmsInformation Technology Services Companies
renamed and changed scopeSecurity CompaniesPrivate Security Companies
renamedAppliance Repair and MaintenanceAppliance Repair Services
renamedConsumer Service CompaniesConsumer Services
renamedDigital Currencies CompaniesCryptocurrency Companies
renamedDrink CompaniesBeverage Companies
renamedFloor Covering StoresFloor Covering Retailers
renamedFlorist CompaniesFloral Retailers
renamedFreight And Logistics CompaniesFreight Forwarding Services
renamedHardware StoresHardware Retailers
renamedLaw FirmsLegal Services
Legal Software
renamedMotion Picture CompaniesEntertainment Production Companies
renamedMoving And Storage CompaniesMoving And Storage Services
renamedNational ParksParks And Recreation Area
renamedOpen Source Software OrganizationsOpen Source Software Companies
renamedPet ShopsPet Stores
renamedPhotographic Equipment And SuppliesPhotographic Equipment Stores
renamedPlumbing Equipment And SuppliesPlumbing Equipment Retailers
renamedPostal OrganizationsPostal Services
renamedSocial Networking CompaniesSocial Network Platforms
renamedSuperstoresDepartment Stores
renamedToy ManufacturersToys Companies
renamedVehicle Repair And MaintenanceVehicle Repair Services
renamedAdvertising CompaniesAdvertising Services
renamedArtificial Intelligence CompaniesArtificial Intelligence Software
renamedBioinformatics OrganizationsLife Sciences Software
renamedComputer Vision CompaniesComputer Vision Software
renamedCRM Software CompaniesCRM Software
renamedData Analytics CompaniesData Analytics Software
renamedDatabase CompaniesDatabase Software
renamedDesign CompaniesDesign Services
renamedGraphic Design CompaniesGraphic Design Software
renamedMarketing CompaniesMarketing Services
renamedNatural Language Processing CompaniesNatural Language Processing Software
renamedSecurity Software CompaniesSecurity Software
renamedVirtual Reality CompaniesExtended Reality Software
renamedWeb Design CompaniesWeb Developers
Website Design Services