Coverage Reports

Download field coverage reports for exported JSON and CSV results

When you execute a DQL query with thereport=1 parameter, DQL generates a report of the exported fields. For JSON exports, the report contains coverage for top-level json fields. For CSV exports, the report contains the coverage for each exported column. Reports are stored and can be accessed against a reportId.

DQL reports are short-lived and expected to be downloaded with the result. They will be deleted 24 hours after the results are downloaded.

Reports are exported as CSV files with text/csv mime type.

Accessing the report

You can access the report using the following endpoint:{reportId}?token={DIFFBOT-TOKEN}'

There are a few different ways to get the reportId:

  • The HTTP response header X-Diffbot-CoverageReportId contains the reportId.
  • Download the report via same parameters of the DQL request. The following parameters should exactly match the original query:
    • token
    • query
    • from
    • size
    • filter
    • exportspec
  • If the response format is JSON, the reportId field is also present in the response JSON. Example:
  "version": 3,
  "hits": 242735030,
  "results": 1,
  "kgversion": "274",
  "reportId": "C-5567f9e3-86b1",

Export Format

The coverage report is exported as a CSV