What is the difference between categories and industries?

For organization data types only.

Each organization in the Diffbot Knowledge Graph can be associated with multiple industry classifications from both an internal taxonomy and standard industry registries.

Diffbot Classification
The Diffbot Classification taxonomy currently contains over 300 industry labels and is organized into a four-level hierarchy. During the KG creation, one to multiple industry labels are inferred for each organization. These labels are currently presented in the KG under three fields:

  • Organization.industries (type: String) - the industry labels are presented as textual labels.
  • Organization.categories (type: LinkedEntity) - the industry labels are presented as linked entities, but the linked pages are not currently populated with more information about the industry label.
  • Organization.diffbotClassification (type: ClassificationCode) - the industry labels are presented as classification codes, which provide additional information about each industry. Each entry in this list includes a boolean "isPrimary" attribute and a level number. The list is also sorted so that the more specific primary industry labels appear first.

Please note: the content of these fields is the same, the difference is in the value type which allows us to include more or less information.