What are skills in the Knowledge Graph?

Skills are a special entity type in the Diffbot Knowledge Graph generally linked with Person data types.

At the time of this writing, there are over 31,000 unique skills in the graph covering ~85%+ of the most popular named skills found on the web.

How are skills determined?

A skills is added to the Diffbot Knowledge Graph when

  • It is mentioned (and labeled as a skill) at least 100 times on a leading aggregator site such as LinkedIn or StackOverflow
  • It is mappable to an existing skill entity in Wikidata

How often are skills updated?

The Skills ontology is updated manually annually. This may change in the future was we continue researching the optimal interval for updates.

Are skills in the Knowledge Graph linked to each other?

In the Diffbot skills ontology, we do have the concept of parent skills, which uses the Wikidata subclass property. For example, machine learning is a subclass of artificial intelligence, thus forming a parent skill relationship. Among the existing ~32K skill entities, over half of them have one or more parent skills. We also collect co-occurrence information among skills. However, they are not currently used in the Diffbot Knowledge Graph.

Why is a skill that exists on LinkedIn not in the Knowledge Graph?

To be included in the Knowledge Graph, a skill has to be linked to at least 100 unique origins.