New to Diffbot?

Let's help you get acquainted.

Diffbot is a suite of products that make it easy to integrate and research data on the web.

Unlike a web search tool like Google, data in Diffbot is structured by meaning, not markup. Instead of websites, we have entities like articles, products, and organizations. Article entities have attributes like title and author. Organization entities have attributes like revenue and location.

Diffbot tools allow you to classify and extract meaningful entities from existing web pages, or search the public web as a humongous graph database of entities, filtered by their attributes.

Diffbot is used by companies all over the world to tap into public web data without the hassle of structuring and cleaning it from its original website markup form.

Customers like yourself are connecting web intelligence into your applications with Diffbot every day. We'd love to hear about what you're building. Talk to us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

What Next?

Chances are, you probably found us with a specific use case (or even Diffbot product) in mind. You're always welcome to experiment, but it might help to check out our Product Overview to figure out the best Diffbot product for your needs.

Ready to jump right into our APIs? Our API reference has everything you need to start stringing web data in minutes.

Have a specific question? Use the search bar on the top right hand corner of this page to look for existing support documentation. If you're not able to find what you need, we're always happy to help at [email protected].