Diffbot products are billed with credits. Here's how it works.

Every Diffbot plan comes with an allowance of credits. Credit allotment for non-enterprise plans are refreshed monthly and do not rollover. Credit allotment for each plan is listed in our pricing page. In general, higher plans will feature higher credit allotments and cheaper pre-credit pricing.

Credits are consumed upon each request made to a Diffbot API, with some exceptions:

When your credit allotment is exceeded, further credit consumption is automatically expended at the per-credit rate of the current plan tier and billed on the next invoice. There are no additional overage fees.

The number of credits consumed per API call varies by product and service. See the table below for a complete reference:

Extract Extract 1 Page1
Extract Extract 1 Page with Data Center Proxy2
Crawl Spider a site for links and pages to extract0
Natural LanguageProcess a 1 to 10,000 character text document1
Knowledge Graph Download 1 Entity Record (e.g. organization, person or article)25
Knowledge Graph Download the result of a Facet Query (summarized result)100
Knowledge Graph Enhance 1 Entity Record (e.g. 1 person record)25
Knowledge Graph Enhance 1 Entity Record with Refresh (re-crawl sources)100