What is the diffbotUri field?

A unique identifier for an entity in the Knowledge Graph.

Each entity in the Diffbot Knowledge Graph is identified by a unique identifier, an alphanumeric string like CWSwJ_SWQPfqO3HQsxY4lGg that uniquely identifies an entity called an entity ID.

To access an entity directly in the Diffbot Knowledge Graph, you need the entity’s diffbotUri.

The diffbotUri is a combination of the entity ID and the URL https://www.diffbot.com/entity/.

For example, Diffbot's entity ID is EYX1i02YVPsuT7fPLUYgRhQ and its diffbotUri is https://www.diffbot.com/entity/EYX1i02YVPsuT7fPLUYgRhQ.

Note that entity IDs may change with each build cycle of the Knowledge Graph, but previous entity IDs will always resolve to the correct entity.

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