Accepted Inputs for Enhance by Entity Type

Enhance accepts a few inputs that are used to make a match against its equivalent entity in the Knowledge Graph.

Although all inputs are technically optional, some are obviously better at identifying an entity than others (e.g. name). Generally, the more inputs submitted, the better the match.

Note that while many of these fields align with their respective Ontology in the KG, these input keys are intentionally separate.


nameName of the organization. Recommended.Diffbot
urlHomepage URI of the organization. Highly effective for org matches.
phonePhone number of the organization.1-855-885-4800
locationLocation of the organization in natural language format.Menlo Park, California, United States
descriptionFree text description of the organization. OptionalAI-powered Knowledge Graph
ipIP address of an organization.
idDiffbot ID of the organization.EYX1i02YVPsuT7fPLUYgRhQ


nameName of the person. Recommended.Mike Tung
emailEmail of the person. Recommended[email protected]
employerEmployer of the person. Recommended.Diffbot
locationLocation of the person in natural language format. Recommended.Menlo Park, CA
titleThe current title of the person.CEO
phoneA phone number for the person.1-855-885-4800
urlA website for the
schoolCurrent or previous school name for the person.Stanford University
ipIP address of the person.
idDiffbot ID of the person.ESGMaGV9uP0SuTmfPTtNEoA