What happens when a Custom API rule "breaks"?

Field values will be suppressed (custom field) or reset to default (corrected field).

What happens to the output of your Custom API when a site changes its markup?

Corrected Fields in Automatic Extract APIs

If your rule overrides a default field in one of Diffbot’s Automatic Extract APIs, a failing rule will result in the default (automatic) response being returned. So if you’ve overridden the title of an article with selector h1.title, and the site updates its markup to remove the “title” class, the default title will be returned once your rule starts to fail.

Custom Fields

Completely custom fields that start to fail — i.e., return no output — will be suppressed in API responses. Diffbot will not return an empty field if no match is found on a page for the selector(s).

If all of the fields in your Custom API fail, your Custom API request will return a 500 error indicating that rules were unable to be applied to the page:

   "errorCode": 500,
   "error": "Unable to apply rules"