Microsoft Excel Integration/Add-In

This guide is meant to provide detailed information about how to download and use the Diffbot Excel Add-in to facilitate the use of the Diffbot Knowledge Graph data enrichment and DQL APIs from your desktop. You can also use the Add-In from an Office365 spreadsheet.

The Diffbot Excel Add-in is offered as a "production" beta service while we collect feedback on the features and functionality. This version of the Add-In provides support for organization profile search and data enrichment.

Please note: person profile search and data enrichment is not yet supported from within the Add-In, but it is planned for a future release.


Version of the plug-in supports integration with the Diffbot Enhance API for data enrichment of organization firmographic profiles as well as integration with the Diffbot Knowledge Graph Search API in support of discovery of companies and articles from your desktop.

How much data are we talking about?

Enrich or search organizational data with access to over 180M profiles from Diffbot's Knowledge Graph. Start with a list of entities or a set of criteria. End with a deep dive into organizational data. Pull data on one or a hundred organizations with the click of a button.

Search article data extracted from hundreds of thousands of unique online publications and news sites linked to Organization profiles in the Diffbot Knowledge Graph on a continuous basis, 24x7, 365.

How does it work?

Diffbot's Knowledge Graph is compiled by machine learning-enabled web scrapers that turn unstructured data from around the web into a structured, queryable database.

The Knowledge Graph contains over 20 billion entities (organizations, locations, articles, key people, brands, and more), and over 2 trillion facts (revenue, price, skills, and more). All entities are contextually linked and sourced from public-facing documents around the web. A new Knowledge Graph is compiled every 3-5 days, ensuring data freshness and accuracy.

You can use Diffbot's Excel Add-In to search or enrich organizational entries or search online articles without needing to leave your Excel workbook.

Define a search query using the Add-in query builder UI within an Excel spreadsheet on your desktop or in Office365. Or, provide one or more columns containing organization names or website domains and an additional column containing a unique identifier per row. Point Diffbot's Excel Add-In to the location of your names and identifiers and toggle what fields of data you want to be returned. Upon execution, Diffbot's Excel Add-In populates a new sheet that pairs the organizations and unique identifiers you provided with all available data attributes much more quickly and comprehensively than could be manually compiled.