SimilarTo Operator


Experimental Feature

This feature is still in experimental phase, so results may be incorrect for some queries. Please use with caution.

The similarTo operator looks for entities that are similar to a query entity based on different criteria. It currently supports Organization only.

similarTo accepts id query or type query that can identify an entity. When the type query returns multiple entities, the first one is used as the query entity. Below are some example queries showing how to use it:

Find similar entities to a query entity identified by its id:

type:Organization similarTo(id:ExADb18D6MAmunRrlVELe8A)

Find similar entities to a query entity identified by a typed query:

type:Organization similarTo(type:Organization homepageUri:"")

You can use similarTo to find companies that are similar to a set of companies, for example for finding prospects that are simliar to your current customers. Currently, passing in multiple entities to similarTo is only supported by using the or() operator on a set of ids.

Companies similar to Target and Walmart:

type:Organization similarTo(id:or("ExADb18D6MAmunRrlVELe8A", "EOU1WEvHYN6K83Etm91H9fQ"))

When combined with other operators, we can filter similarTo results accordingly. For example, we can limit the results to organizations in the Online Retailers industry with query:

type:Organization similarTo(id:ExADb18D6MAmunRrlVELe8A) industries:"Online Retailers"

or select organizations with employee number less than 5000:

type:Organization similarTo(id:ExADb18D6MAmunRrlVELe8A) nbEmployees<5000

This can also be combined with passing in a set, e.g. Companies like Target and Walmart in Germany:

type:Organization similarTo(id:or("ExADb18D6MAmunRrlVELe8A", "EOU1WEvHYN6K83Etm91H9fQ"))"Germany"

You can also specify a list of companies by name:

type:Organization similarTo("Apple", "Google")

Find more or less similar companies by specifying the threshold via similarity_score

type:Organization similarTo(type:Organization name:"Pinterest" similarity_score>0.05)